[Translate to Englisch:] Statement zum DZI Spendensiegel

[Translate to Englisch:] Oft werden wir gefragt, ob der Verein über ein DZI Spendensiegel verfügt. Dies ist nicht der Fall wegen der hohen Kosten: Die Ausstellung kostet erstmalig etwa 1.800,00 Euro, und die Verlängerung 600,00 Euro für jedes weitere Jahr. Ziel der Baobab Family ist es, die Spenden aus Deutschland möglichst zu 100% in den Projekten in Kenia einzusetzen, daher haben wir uns bewusst gegen die Beantragung entschieden. Dafür achten wir umso mehr darauf, die vom DZI angesetzten Standards einzuhalten: Spendenwerbung wahr, eindeutig und sachlich darstellen, die Spendengelder zweckgerichtet, sparsam und wirtschaftlich verwenden, und über funktionierende Planung und Kontrolle verfügen. (Quelle: http://www.dzi.de)

Vorstand Baobab Family e.V.

Transparency - worthwhile effort

From the outset, one of the major cornerstones of the Baobab Family has been its efforts to build up the “most transparent project” of its kind. Unlike other aid projects, we want to portray the route taken by all of our aid funds in the most transparent way possible.

We want to provide you with the story behind our belief and give you some idea about the way our procedures are portrayed, and answer the question, why do we think these efforts are so important.

When the idea of founding the Baobab Family began to blossom in Andreas Triebel’s mind, it was automatically bound up with a desire to develop as much transparency as possible.
Spurned on by his unsuccessful attempts at finding a development aid project that worked in this kind of transparent way, he decided that this important concept should be made one of the principles of the Baobab Family.
From the outset, people have occasionally spoken out against precisely this kind of open evaluation, of, for example, the society’s book-keeping and other measures (which sometimes requires a large amount of extra work).
However, this has only served to strengthen our determination to continue to pursue the goal of a transparent development aid organisation as a matter of utmost importance.

Why this kind of transparency is so necessary:

Transparency reduces the possible causes of corruption – makes it difficult for it to take place
It means the donor can be certain that his or her funds are being put to good use
It keeps everyone responsible for the society, the members/godparents, the sponsors and the volunteers up to date with general developments and the society finances.

This kind of transparency is only made possible by the special dedication of our employees in Kenya and our volunteers, who compile data and facts from all areas of the Baobab Family so that these can be made available in comprehensive evaluations in the relevant internal areas of the homepage.

Where we apply our ideas:

Of course, we do not want to become a “surveillance project”, it is however important to monitor these kind of procedures even in the long-term and to constantly adapt and improve them. This task is undertaken by our groups outside of Kenya as well as our Kenyan colleagues and volunteers.
On all sides, there is a great interest in putting this vision into practice more and more.

What we have achieved so far:

our account transactions in Germany updated and put online every day
a daily review of the yearly budget
individual evaluation of charity concerts
individual evaluation of our information and sales stalls
a complete overview of our events

Having all of this information would be impossible without the dedication of a large number of volunteers and of our team in Kenya. In order to give the open portrayal of our finances an even firmer footing, we are looking for conscientious people who would be happy to work as part of an open team of volunteers. Here, as is also the case in other areas of the work we do together, concentrating on the internet as our main means of communication is crucial and makes many of our tasks easier. The time and the place that you work with other people is up to you.

We would be pleased if we have interested you and can get you on board in support of our scheme. By participating, you are helping us to enable “anti-corruption” and “transparency”, the very concepts which are so important for Africa’s development, to be put into practice even more.