Baobab Family Film

Simply click on the photo. You will then be forwarded to site featuring the ARTE television contribution.

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The film has a short leader. The Baobab Family contribution starts after approx. 10 seconds.

Baobab Family

The Baobab Family has its roots in Germany and meantime it's growing international. All the work of the association here is done by voluntarily supporters.

The structure, that has been created over the years, on the one hand ensures – with all these helping hands within the association - that the money for the needs of the Kenyan part can be provided, on the other hand it gives the largest transparency possible within the whole Baobab Family. From the beginning on the founder of the Baobab Family, Andreas Triebel, counted on showing clearly all the developments and problems – financial ones and also others – and discussing these matters together. So godparents and sponsors get the actual information and the team of members is strengthened.

Our godparents and members for example get insight into the keeping of our account and in regular intervals they get reports directly from Kenya with information about the project and all ongoing activities.

Our workgroups make substantial achievements in the background and so they are the fundament of the Baobab Family.