Baobab Kids


Child sponsorship helps twofold:

Besides financial help, sponsorship is a source of considerable encouragement for our children, involving written correspondence, emails or even a visit. Although the mostly lacking family ties are not replaced by the overseas "aunts and uncles", such contacts really do mean an awful lot to the children. In the future, every sponsor will be kept up to date on the children's progress via frequent bulletins.

A child can be sponsored from 30 euros a month. No upper limits are set. As soon as the first payment has been received into the club account you will be sent confirmation and a personal report on your sponsored child. We will also issue an acknowledgement of your donation upon request. The acknowledgement is usually sent out in January, at the end of the calendar year.  

As from this year, Baobab children in Mikidani will have 3 sponsors each. This new development takes into account that the actual costs per child currently lie at over 100 euros per month. This includes schooling, medical and social support, food and other costs. We also believe that the children benefit from having more than one sponsor, in that communication is more frequent and varied. Our contact team allocates sponsors to the children in cooperation with the Mikidani team.

The children's awareness that someone is thinking of them and is there for them provides them with great spiritual support. Becoming a sponsor means that you are also a member of our club and will receive access data to our online members' area exclusively for members and sponsors.

This provides you with round-the-clock access to detailed information on the project and the weekly accounts. You can see reports on the children which our team in Mikidani adds to the network each week.