Inspection report of the chairman from trip to Kenya 09.07.09 10:44 Age: 9 Jahre

Inspection report of the chairman from trip to Kenya

The chairman of the Baobab Family, Andreas Triebel, travelled to Kenya in February and March for two weeks to visit our projects.

After an over 12hours fly, the chairman arrived on february, 28th 2009 in Nairobi and was picked up at the airport by Solomon Akanga, our kenian partner.

The first days he spent in Nairobi -- he had meetings with the organisation "anppcan" e.g., which advocates an education without violence in Kenya. One of the staff member visited one week later the children's home in Mikindani and will work with us there and as well in the Baobab Family Village.

In Nairobi Andreas Triebel had among others a meeting with another Organisation, which has agreed on supporting the care and education in particular of our muslim boys in our children's home.

After this he visited Mr Makolwal in Homa Bay in the west of the country, who had given us the land for the Baobab Family Village.

With him and our achitect James the last preparing measures and decisions were taken to start with the construction, which finally was done on Mars, 23rd.

The first orders of the material were also initiated.


Afterwards he went to Mikindani, to visit our children's home. It was nice like every time when he is there. He had personal conversations with every member of staff and participated in the common meetings with the children.

One day they all spent together on the beach and this was an occasion for Andreas Triebel to contact direcly with all the children.

Some of older boys start now their apprenticeship or their studies and so they commence to be more independent.

On every visit in the children's home the chairman recognizes that we have problems with the team spirit of our employees.

Here the man of "anppcan" shall helpfully intervene with his new concept.


The last days of his two weeks journey he stayed in the west of the country near Homa Bay and in Nairobi, where he had other dates, among others at the german embassy.

Alltogether the journey was allready overdued.

The two weeks spun away and where barely sufficient for accelerating/promoting many important things and preparing others.