Review of the year 2008 07.03.09 11:01 Age: 9 Jahre

Review of the year 2008

The year 2008 was characterized by many ups and downs....

Civil Commotions in Kenya in the beginning of 2008
The year started with trouble: The civil commotions, caused by the elections in the end of 2007, characterized the Kenyan life and affected our work as well.
Lots of people died and it didn´t become better till February.
The prices of groceries and energy became much more expensive so that the budget, we need for our projects monthly, climbed up to 150% of the normal budget.

Delay of the building of the Baobab Family Village
We decided also to delay the start of construction of the building of the Baobab Family Village. The political situation was insecure and the financial capital less because of the inflation. Also the incomes from the charity-sampler ‘Baobab Family and Friends’, and a donation from the patron of the project, Daniell Porsche which was transfered to us at the beginning of the building, we freezed on our account to wait for a better situation in Kenia. But a big step for the village was the settlement of the area in april, now the area officially belongs to our NGO Boabab International Africa.

Baobab Family Production
Another success for the projects in Kenya was the development of the Kenyan market for the products of the Baobab Family Production. The courses in stitching and printing which been offered to some women of the production in 2007 are really good now: Especially the school uniforms are ordered very often and sold locally. Although we have to use money from the project godparenthood from Germany, to pay all the women, materials and the staffs.

HIV – Prevention and Care
From the HIV – Prevention and Care program we also have good news: now we take care of 13 families in the project. Trough microfinancing five women got the opportunity to arrange their own businesses. With this they can earn the money for themselves and their children. But also for this project we haven’t enough money to develop it for all the other defaulted people in Kenya.

Events in Germany
Looking at the charity concerts and information’s and selling stands the year 2008 was compared to the years before very less. One big event in Kronberg could fill up the budget instead up concerts and information work but publicity was clearly to less. We are looking forward to an active cooperation in the events forum for the new year!

Financial development
Because of some great donations we have no negative difference compared to the incomes of the year before, unlike as expected. Far from it: the total income from 2007 was 109.717,66€ and in the year 2008 113.336,90, so they are solid. More information you can get as member or godparent in the intern area of our website.

First intern in Germany
For the first time a person is working not only voluntary for the association in Germany but without any additional costs. Sophia takes care of the organisation of the association and the mentoring of the voluntary staff working in Germany.

Now we are looking forward to the new year 2009 with hopefully a good development for the baobab family. A lot of charity concerts and information-stands on festivals are planed. A view into the interactive forum – the ‘virtual office’ - of the Baobab Family is always good to exhibit the own skills. We are looking forward to the good collaboration and say thank you to all long-time supporters - if financial or ideal – and the staff.