Construction work for Baobab Family Village started! 14.04.09 20:24 Age: 9 Jahre

Construction work for Baobab Family Village started!

After long planning, lot of charity events, dialogues and pretrial conferences in Kenya we now were able to start building the second Children Home of the Baobab Family!

It will arise on an area near by ‘Homa Bay’ in the west of Kenya, which was contributed from a pensioned teacher named Mr Makolwal to the Baobab Family to build this Village.
After three years of prearrangement, we could start to action the building project now, because of the deciding contribution of 20.000€ from the patron of the project Daniell Porsche. After the first chairman Andreas Triebel had last conversations with Mr Makolwal, the involved architect and the involved building firm at the end of February, the construction work startedof the Baobab Family Village started on March 23rd 2009. The Kenyan architect and the building firm is supported by an German student of building activity. He’s planning and helping really active and is informing us about the construction progress on our intern area of the website.
In the first weeks the location of the first two houses were aligned, the holes for the fence was burrowed and the bottom was drawn to build the fundament for the first houses.
So the dream of the children’s village becomes clear. To work on the idea to finance the village through agriculture products we still need contributions. Also godparentships are needed and important to accommodate the orphanage girls whom will move to the house prospectively in June.
Please contribute for that needy children can be accommodate in their new home.

More detailed information about the baobab family village you can find here.