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Baobab Events

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Inspection report of the chairman from trip to Kenya

The chairman of the Baobab Family, Andreas Triebel, travelled to Kenya in February and March for two weeks to visit our projects.

Construction work for Baobab Family Village started!

After long planning, lot of charity events, dialogues and pretrial conferences in Kenya we now were able to start building the second Children Home of the Baobab Family!

Review of the year 2008

The year 2008 was characterized by many ups and downs....


Successful fundraising event in Kenya!

In december there was the first fundraising event of the Baobab Family in Kenya!

Baobab Family Village: Here we go!

The real estate has been conveyed and we are set to start with the construction of the well this month!

A political solution has been reached in Kenya!

After lengthy negotiations under the mediation of ex-UN secretary Kofi Annan, the parties have finally been able to reach a political agreement today.


Escalation of violence – Kenya on the brink of civil war

Since last weekend, acts of violence in Kenya have again intensified.

Crisis in Kenya

Following the publication of the election results on December 30th 2007, large parts of Kenya are in a civil-war-like state.

Pivotal step for new children’s village at Lake Victoria

One of the main reasons for the spontaneous trip of our 1st chairman was, among others, to take important steps towards the realization of our planned Baobab Family Villages in Marinde-Homa Bay at Lake Victoria, in the west of...

August 18 Baobab Family Benefit – Chicago USA

On August 18th, MARS Art Gallery in Chicago USA held an art opening complete with a martini-bar.

Baobab Aktuell

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