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Music is the key to our hearts

Music is the key to our hearts

From the early beginnings, the growing of the Baobab Family is formed and supported by music. In the first year of the founding of the Baobab association, there was already the first tribute concert in Munich.

In some financial shortages in the past, the project could only survive by some short notice tribute concerts and could find more volunteers to help.

The costs for the first floor of the childrens home in Mikindani could only be covered by tribute concerts, so now, there is space for at least another 40 children.

An enorm movement began, when jahcoustix, a Reggae singer, started public speeches to the people visiting the concerts and asked them to do something. That way the Baobab Family grew as well in other cities than Munich and small groups were formed in these places.

As we think, a really remarkable development in such a short time, that could only be realised by the help of music and the open hearts of the involved artists and the audience.

We hope to find like this many more artists to support our project.