The foundation stone of the Baobab Family in Mikindani

Here in Mikindani, the foundation stone of the Baobab Family Project was laid in 2000 by Andreas Triebel. The idea was to help street children and to give them a future by providing love and security. There is now a whole range of other Baobab Family relief projects, but this house for street children will always be of particular significance within our relief organisation.

Construction of the street children house began in 2001 and the ground floor was completed by the beginning of 2002. Every floor planned is equipped with sanitary facilities and has a communal kitchen. 4 tanks have been installed for water supply. These will also provide the further floors planned for the house with running water.

At the end of 2002 this building became home for the first street children. Several Kenyan co-workers familiar with local conditions see to it that their charges are integrated into the community.

The house is built using coral stone, a typical feature of the coastal region. The stones are laid, as is usual in our country, with cement and sand. Reinforced concrete is used for load-bearing supports such as floors and ceilings.

After much toing and froing with the authorities and extensive campaigns in Germany to raise the money for the construction work, the first floor was completed by the beginning of 2006. As soon as the necessary costs have been covered by the sponsors, we will be able to take in up to approx. 50 children.

The long-term goal is to gradually transform the Baobab Family Project into a system which pays for itself. The first important step for this is to realise that we are not only offering the inhabitants a home, but also educational and employment opportunities.

The property acquired next to our house will also be used as workshops in the future. Here, hand-made artefacts can be produced, to be sold on behalf of the association in Germany, as a further source of income. In order for our products to reach more people, we are currently developing our own internet shop which will soon be opened on our internet site.

In view of the high AIDS rate in East Africa and Kenya, it would be naive to believe that the inhabitants of the Baobab Family Project house may have escaped this disease. Sufficient financial support would allow us to erect a doctor's post on the premises which of course could be used by other inhabitants of Mikidani. Already, many people suffering from HIV come to us every day looking for help – unfortunately, our financial means are limited – your contribution could make a difference here.  Through this project, we will do all we can to provide the most comprehensive awareness training possible.

Besides the street children, we also plan to provide greater support for single mothers in the future. Of course, the household acts as a kind of surrogate family. In order to cover the monthly costs of this task we are looking for large numbers of members and sponsors. Financial support aside, the children and mothers are able to gain strength just from the thought that somebody far away is thinking about them and following their progress in life.