Baobab Family HIV - Prevention & Care

It is alarming: Every year 10 billion babies and small children are dying of diseases that could be avoided. Here a small extract of the publication of the German ministry of economic network and development (Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung):

For over 20 years there is a disease spreading all over the world, its name is meanwhile a synonym for endless human suffering: AIDS. By now more than 40 billion people live with the HI-virus, that causes an weakening of the immune system, inside them. Nearly 95 percent of the affected persons live in developing countries, of them more than three quater just in Africa south of the Sahara. In several countries around one third of the adults is infected. Meanwhile this scourge threatens the existence of the whole society. But it's not only a human, but also an economic catastrophe.

The urgency of the situation – also in Mikindani and its surrounding – prompted us to originate an own “Baobab Family HIV-awareness and -care project”. At present this program is built up by employees and supporting volunteers. The team consists of healthy and HIV infected members. The HIV positive team members can - because of their own fate and experiences – deal with this problems even more effective. More over we give by employing them active support to HIV-infected. With this campaign we want to empower the affected when they are confronted with difficult situations and also give them financial independence. Just when you eat enough food you can use the Kenyan medication. Because without eating these medications even can cause dead.

The focus is at the moment especially on creating awareness in schools, universities and other public places by organizing activities. The second step is for our employees to go to the slums and make lists, to get the number of the infected there. By doing this preparatory work we hope - in cooperation with other helping-organizations and our own founds – that we can really help quickly and unbureaucratically, wherever the help is needed the most.

The active aid we give is related to families that are affected by HIV. There we will try to encourage these persons by micro-financing them and so helping them to create their own income creating activities, for example by running a small business. In this area we also work close together with the Baobab Recycling Production. In this production we only employ HIV-positive parents or street-mothers.

Help we need for this project:

· For this project project-godparentships are very significant for us. They ensure the long-term and constant building up and extension of these important aid, by giving regular contribution.
· Sponsors who help with their single support.