Working with Baobab Family

In Germany we are seeking voluntary co-workers in all fields for the Baobab Family Project reg. assoc. A cooperation usually takes place via our virtual office, i.e. via our extranet website. All data required for event planning, maintaining contacts, promotional work etc. is made available centrally in our virtual office. The internet forum is used for organising events, exchanging experiences, compiling and translating texts, and for getting to know co-workers from all over Germany.

"The office" underwent considerable expansion in March 2006. Thanks to an improved telephone line in Mikidani, data is now exchanged and important decisions taken on a daily basis. Naturally, this also ensures regular communication with the children.

In addition, the website and the office has gone global. The English and French departments were also set up in March. The approx. 10 minute television appeal on ARTE was of particular help here, attracting many inquiries and interested people from English and French-speaking areas to our site.

We would also be pleased to welcome you as a co-worker into the Baobab Family. No matter whether you are 16 or 80 years old, everyone can play a role in helping children in Africa. Of course, we are also extremely grateful for support from children and young people, who can contribute to our project, for example by way of class sponsorships and school projects.

You can obtain more information on the various fields of work and the individual working groups from the “The working groups” site in the "In Germany" box.