Baobab Family Village near Homa Bay

The origin of the development cooperation of the Baobab Family is helping to enable self-help for children and youths. That’s how the Children’s home in Mikindani became the cornerstone of the Baobab Family. In the year 2006 the Baobab Family Production and the HIV-awareness and care project were founded.

These three projects of the Baobab Family are now followed by a fourth one: The Baobab Family Village in Homa Bay.

Initial a Children’s Village is planned – first of all for girls, who lost their parents in the western region of Kenya that is very much affected by the HI-virus. For those – often shocking young children – there is no other life than as a under- or non-paid housemaid, begging and lost on the streets or even as prostitute. The latter means, because of the extra high risk of a HIV infection, for the most part to die.

It is also common that girls from the poorest families are „borrowed“ to other persons. In many cases for only about 4 Euros per month or less, they have to work hard and sometimes even are mistreated or sexual abused.
Also sniffing glue or taking other drugs is among their everyday life. Just like in Mikindani, the children in the Children’s Village are supposed to be detoxicated in the first weeks and medically and psychologically coached in the longrun.

Hand in hand
Homa Bay is located in the Western part of Kenya close to the Lake Victoria. Nearby is the village Marinde where the Baobab Family got a donation of a 36 000 m² large estate. The owner, a retired teacher, will sign the land over to the Baobab Family, when all the building costs for the first stage of construction will be covered. This is possible in September 2007, the settlement of the land will start and will be completed in October. So on either side a big dream comes true: because since the beginning it was a great wish of the Baobab Family to get support from volunteers and sponsors from Kenya. And on the other side for over 30 years our donator is touched by the thought of helping needy persons in his surrounding.

Step by step
The first stage of construction contains the construction of one main building and three dormitories, each one for 10 children, as well as the autonomous electricity and water supply (see below). Bit by bit a “HIV-awareness and care program” and a second “Baobab Family Production” of African handcraft will be developed, just like in Mikindani.
When the current costs for the first children will be covered by project- and children- godparenthoods, other dormitories will be added, to provide a shelter for more children.

On firm stand
The building costs are covered by the sale of Baobab Family Products on informationdesks, by the entrance fees of benefit-concerts and –events, by the whole sales revenue of the “Baobab Family & Friends”-Sampler and by partly big contributions.
Particularly with the help of the CD, we could make a great Stepp forward in terms of the financing of the Children’s Village.

The living- and care-costs of the children shall be raised by godparenthoods – just like in the Children’s Home in Mikindani. So the accommodating of new children into the community is just possible when there are enough godparents.
The children are supposed to live a normal life, with a regular daily routine, school, friends, music and happiness.

Autonomy from the beginning on
To make The Baobab Family Village not depending on the Baobab Family outside Kenya for ever, it should get as far as possible self-dependent. Because the land is very fertile (at least 2 crops a year!), it is possible to do farming there. This can, in turn, create working places for HIV-positive people in good labour condition in the long run.
Also an own reservoir for rainwater, a water-preparation-facility and a solar plant are definitely planed. For those important fittings further sponsors are needed.

Build future
The Baobab Family Village near Homa Bay will open whole new potentials for the Baobab Family to help even more enduring and give more effective development cooperation in Kenya!
Many orphans will find a home, girls the same as boys, and Kenyan social workers and needy families will get work and security, by its help.

With the help of the Children’s Village it is possible to protect, assist and bring up fondly the future of Kenya – its children. So later on these children can go strong, healthy and educated into their own live in a land, that needs people like that!

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