Baobab Family Products

It was our purpose to add new jobs for HIV- infected people and streetmothers as we founded our own production. In December 2005 the Baobab Family started with two different products: oillamps and watering cans to test the sale at our information desks.

Until March 2006 our products are self- made and until this time a lot of things are happend in this field. By selling the recycling products at our tribute concerts, information desks and by our co- operation partners it is to employ more people in Kenya at the moment. It is possible to safeguard more jobs in Kenya because of our numerous Christmas markets at the end of the year, where we are present with the Baobab Family.

A regular salary is very important for HIV infected people because their debilitated body needs urgently enough food. Otherwise he do not tolerate the strong pharmaceuticals and they can be fatal.

The products are mainly selled at Baobab Family information desks at different events like festivals or concerts but also by "One-World"-shops and by our new partner Online-shop "Halimas Weboase".

Naturally it is very helpful to acquire help from shops and wholesalers to open a solid and secure market. If you are also interested to buy our products privatlely or offer them for sale then you can order them here.

If you buy one of our products it is not only a pleasure for yourself or your friends but you also make some HIV- infected people in Mikindani very happy because you help to safeguard their jobs and appreciate their work.

Needed help for the project:

  • assistants for information desks and selling booth´who take up our products in
  • their assortment
  • transport companies who provide us loading area from Kenya to Germnay
  • transport companies who help us to spread our products to the different Baobab Family locations in Germany
  • storerooms in cities where the Baobab Family is active