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Orphanage in Mikindani (Southeast of Kenya)

The Orphanage in Mikindani was the first Project of the Baobab Family. It became a new family for 31 boys, who are orphans and partly lived on the streets. Those children now live in the Boabab Children´s Home together with kenyan social workers and all of them go to school to get a good education for their future.

First priority is to provide the monthly budget for the children in Mikindani by godparenthoods and memberships. It is very important that for every child all costs are covered. The home has capacity to house 30-40 more children. But this is only possible, when there is enough money provided for their accommodation by the godparenthoods.

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Planned project: Baobab Family Village (in the west of Kenya)

The Baobab Family Village is a new project of the Baobab Family. Because we got a donation of a 36,000 m² big land, we have the great opportunity to build up a whole Baobab Family-village.
Therefore all the construction costs have to be covered in the forefront. The estate is thirty times as big as the one in Mikindani and so it’s a wonderful chance for us to help. Of course we want this project also to be successful and so at the moment we work hard on the financing, plans and organisation of the complex and the buildings. Thereby we hope that we soon can start the construction of the first houses, which are supposed to be for orphan-girls.
It is planned that the Children’s Village will be as far as possible self-sustaining by agriculture, water preparation facilities and solar plants.

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HIV - Prevention and Care

As a result of the drastic spread of the HI-Virus and at the same time the sluggish awareness training of the Kenyan population, we can’t stay passive concerning this matter.
Since end of the year 2006 we look into this subject very actively. On location we have a team that visits schools, universities and villages to speak to the people there directly and to tell them about the dangers of a potential infection and its avoiding.
Also the people in the slums of Mombasa are served in this project. Extra hard affected families not only get the medication for the diseased, but also food distribution, because in the long run the strong medicine can cause dead without eating enough food.
The long-term strengthening of the affected families takes centre of our care program. We achieve this by giving them small loans to create their own income generating activities and/or we involve them in our recycling- and handcraft-production.
Also in this area you can support us to carry on this project stable in future with a project-godparentship.


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Baobab Family Production

Initial only planned as sideline, the sale of old tins, that have been converted in Kenya, expanded in the meantime to an own small production.
This project was officially started in April 2006.

In this project jewellery, tin-oil lamps, tin-watering cans, bags from newspapers and in future also other useful and decorative items are produced.
This project shall create first and foremost workspace for HIV-infected. To build it up solidly we need your support by buying our products and/or by getting a project-godparenthood.

We are also very interested in getting contacts to resellers (shops, internet marketing, sales booths). Perhaps you have a shop yourself or you know someone who wants to sell our products in his shop.

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